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Ramp Tool Guide 

Ramp Tool Guide 


is our expense management tool we use to:

  • Request virtual cards for specific vendors, travel or one-time purchases

  • Request stipends to redeem KFG benefits

  • Submit expenses for reimbursement

  • Pay bills


Go to My Ramp > Request Spend > Choose the card you want to request

  • New Product or Service - use for one vendor spending only

  • Virtual Card - use for travel, one-time purchases, other expenses

  • Company Programs - use to redeem benefits/ established spend programs

Fill out the required details and submit for approval. You may also include a link in the memo. Your request will be reviewed by your manager.

Company Program Cards

Travel cards, for staff-wide trips, will be issued by your manager or by a member of the operations team. Each transaction on the card will require a memo and a receipt. Your flight confirmation email must be forwarded to [email protected]. Our Travel Policy can be accessed via your Ramp dashboard by going to Settings > Employee Handbook > Travel Policy. All trips will be linked to this policy and reviewed by your manager.

Home Office Stipend Card — to redeem this benefit, request the card under company programs. Add a memo describing what you intend to purchase and the amount, you can also include links. Your request will be reviewed by your manager. It is a good idea to review our Expense Policy for more information on qualifying purchases.

Educational Assistance Benefit Card — this card can be requested once you have received approval by your manager via email and it has been reviewed by the Leadership team. Your manager or a member of the operations team may choose to issue this card directly to you in the amount that was approved. Key takeaway here is that this conversation begins outside of Ramp. See the section on benefits in our Expense Policy for the full approval process and qualifications.


Your monthly vendor subscription amount went up from 20 to 25, but this goes over the limit on your card. All you have to do is request a limit increase.

Go to My Ramp > My Cards > Select card > Edit card details

Fill out the required details and submit for approval. Your request will be reviewed by your manager. This is also a good time to reevaluate the subscription if the amount has increased significantly.

To request a limit increase on a card that belongs to a card program, send an email to your manager. Once approved a member of the operations team will edit the details of the card. Only Pilot admins can edit these cards.


Go to My Ramp > Reimbursements

You will need to connect a bank account to receive reimbursements. Follow the instructions on the Reimbursements page to link your personal bank account to Ramp. Once your bank has been connected and verified select New Reimbursement in the top right of the Reimbursement page.Fill out the fields

All expenses require a receipt and a memo describing the business purpose and the names of attendees for meetings, meals and conferences. Refer to our Expense Policy for the full rundown on reimbursable expenses.

Here are 3 ways to send receipts and memos:

  1.  From your phone - Text a photo of your receipt to (516) 284-1304 (save it!). Add a memo by replying after texting the receipt, we’ll add the message to your latest transaction.

  2.  From your email - Forward e-receipts to [email protected]. You can set additional forwarding addresses from your dashboard by clicking on Settings > Your Profile > Manage Profile. Add a memo automatically by including “Memo:” in the forwarded email followed by your custom message.

  3.  From - You can upload receipts to Ramp directly from your personal dashboard by clicking into any transaction. You can upload in bulk as well and we’ll match them instantly.

There is also the option to link your email account and allow Ramp to automatically detect receipts and invoices sent to your inbox.

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