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May 2022 Product Update

Submissions functionality now live on PubPub!
Published onMay 11, 2022
May 2022 Product Update

01. Submission and Review

This feature responds to one of our top requests: to make it easier to submit Pubs to Communities. We've been working on this feature for a while as a way to streamline and submissions and reviews, and after rounds of testing it out we're excited to release this new Submissions feature for beta testing.

By leveraging Collections and their existing permission structures, Communities can setup flexible submission flows to meet their needs. For example, you could decide to use a single “Submissions” Collection for the entire Community that all Community Admins have access to, one Collection for each article type you accept, or — if the Community is organized by subject with editors responsible for each one — you could simply turn on submissions for the existing subject Collections.

Submissions are linked to Collections — this way you can have a single submission Collection for the entire community, multiple for different Collections, or anything in between. Once you’ve setup a submission workflow for a collection, users will be able to submit Pubs to it until you turn off the workflow. Here's what it looks like on your Collection's Submission page for submitters:

Submissions automatically generate emails to the address you specify to notify community admins about new submissions. The author is copied on the email to facilitate correspondence. Once you review submissions, you can accept or decline them, which will send a followup email that you can customize. We’ve made it simple to release and delete submissions from the submissions page, so that it’s easier to manage large numbers of Pubs.

Once you have a pool of accepted material, abstracts and drafts are already on PubPub to edit, review, comment on, and eventually publish. We hope that this helps streamline much of the editorial process. If you're interested in participating in the beta, send us a note to [email protected] with the URL to your community.

02. Byline and Contributor Updates

We've updated our byline and contribution settings to allow for better auto-generated citations for edited collections of all types. With this update, contributors at the collection level with "list on byline" checked will show up in citations, HTML metadata, and Crossref deposits at all levels.

Additionally, the first value entered in the contributor "role" field (if there is one) will now be used to determine how contributors should be cited at the Collection and Pub level. Select roles, including "editor," "series editor," "translator," and "chair", will be added to the citation, HTML metadata, and Crossref deposit, so you can properly attribute and cite edited and translate works.

03. Mobile Dashboard

On the go and need to manage your community? Now you can update your PubPub community easily from your phone! Starting next week, you'll be able to more effectively use your mobile device to see the dashboard, edit settings, and even manage your submissions.

04. Word Count

In case you missed it, now you can view your word and character count for a Pub! Just click on the graph icon in the formatting bar at the top.

05. Attend our Content Services Info Session

Our sustainability plans speaks to our commitment to ensure PubPub is around to support groups like yours and remains community-led. Along with Membership, we also have a range of Community Services for groups who would like a range of services to help shape, hone, and grow their Communities.

Later this month on May 24 at 12pm ET, we are hosting a 30-minute information session to address questions and demonstrate our Services menu. Here's the link to sign up!

What do you think of these new features? Have ideas, feedback, and/or questions? Talk to us in our Forum, Twitter (@pubpub), or by emailing [email protected]!

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