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Analytics and Metrics Meeting Participants

Published onJul 12, 2020
Analytics and Metrics Meeting Participants

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  • Xiao-Li Meng, HDSR

  • Amy Brand, MIT Press

  • Travis Rich, KFG

  • Heather Staines, KFG

  • Gabe Stein, KFG

  • SJ Klein, KFG

  • Zach Verdin, KFG

  • Harrison Inefuku, Iowa State University

  • Peter Kaufman, MIT Open Learning, KFG

  • Austin Choi-FitzPatrick, UCSD

  • James Weis, MIT - Scaling Science

  • Ceilyn Boyd, HDSI

  • Nicky Agate, HuMetricHSS, University of Pennsylvania

  • Vincent Tunru, Flockademic

  • Osmat Jefferson, (In4M + other analytics)

  • Jackie Lane, HDSI

  • Tom Hope, Semantic Scholar + SciSight

  • David Shotton, OpenCitations

  • Cameron Neylon, Curtin University

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