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Submission and Review Workflow Example

Published onJun 15, 2020
Submission and Review Workflow Example


PubPub was created in part to enable experimental workflows around publishing and disseminating scholarly content, including the expansion of peer review alternatives. PubPub is currently working with partners to build out additional features around submission and peer review, but it is possible now to use PubPub for manuscript submission and review workflows.

Author Submission Flow

[Directions for authors can be created and displayed on Community sites and customized to fit preferred submission workflow.]

To add content or edit existing content, you will need an account. You can create an account at this link. The account is free. We collect minimal personal information from you, and our privacy policy is very strict. You will need to provide your email address, your name, and create a password.

Submitting a Manuscript

[Journals can embed a “Submit manuscript” link that connects to an external system or use a banner block to offer a “Create Pub” button that appears the submission page. This button can be labeled anything (ex: “submit”), but will link to a blank pub. This pub can also be auto-tagged if needed.]

Authors should start at the submission button on the Community/Journal website. Please click on this button.1


A new untitled Pub will be created.

Please erase “Untitled Pub…” and insert your own title. The name of the person who has created the Pub will appear by default as the author of the Pub. The name can be edited by clicking on the pencil icon near the name.

You can add contributors with PubPub Accounts by typing their name and selecting their account. Tick the box to list them on the byline. You can also add contributor roles in accordance with the CRediT taxonony or add your own role.

Affiliation can also be added. (Note: Our new metadata extraction tool will attempt to match contributors with existing PubPub accounts.)

Documents can be imported from a variety of different file formats:

Note: It is not possible to import directly from a PDF due to the proprietary format. Export from PDF to one of the formats listed above. Alternatively, if you need to upload a PDF or another file type, you can do so by navigating to the “Media” button in the editor toolbar and selecting “Other.” This will upload your document into the body of the pub, from which others can download it (see below).

While most formats import smoothly, you should review your file to ensure that everything is as you would expect it to be.

When you are ready to submit, please click the “Request Publication/Create a Release” button below the byline.

The resulting form enables you to include some notes to the Community manager.

When you are ready to submit, click “Create Review.” Once you click on this button, the community Admins will be able to see your submission in their Dashboard’s Reviews tab.

Review Workflow

Community Managers/Editors can check to see what manuscripts have been submitted via the Community Dashboard in the upper right. Click on “Dashboard" then select your Community.

This takes you to the Dashboard view where you can organize and access your Pubs, Collections, etc.

To manage submissions, click Reviews on the left.

Here, you can see any reviews, when they were created, and their status. If you select a particular review, you can see who submitted it as well as the notes accompanying it.

You can navigate to the submission by clicking the “Go to Pub” button at the upper right. Feedback can be provided to the author via the Review flow above. Once the review and/or peer review are complete, please press “Publish/Create release button.”

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