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EM Interview Exercise

Published onAug 04, 2020
EM Interview Exercise

Hello! And thank you for your continued interest in the Editorial Manager role at the Knowledge Futures Group. Below are some directions for this round of the interview process. Please follow the prompts and return your feedback/responses back to us via email within 5 business days of receiving this exercise. This isn’t intended to be onerous or tricky. Please do not spend more than a few hours on this and if you have any questions, just ask!1

Take PubPub on a test drive

Please create a PubPub account if you have not already done so, and create a community (you can call it anything you’d like). Take a look around the place! What’s confusing to you? What’s intuitive? What questions or ideas do the spaces and functionalities prompt? We’re not digging for compliments, we promise. We’re hoping to get a sense of your initial take on and navigation of the platform. Knowing little about PubPub is an asset here—it’s actually very helpful to us to have the positive and critical feedback of new users as we continuously tweak PubPub to be more user friendly and intuitive. We don’t expect you to be an expert, we just want to see what about the platform makes an impression on you. Bullet points suffice here.

Please write your feedback in a pub within the community you create. Please also submit your reflections to the remaining two prompts, below, as pubs within your community. When you’re done with all 3, please email Catherine the link to your community.

Brainstorm what’s possible

Please select a piece of content (a monograph, journal, collected volume, anything) that is not currently on PubPub. In about a paragraph or so, write some thoughts about how you would produce it on PubPub. Would you add certain features? How would you display/format the work? How is that tied to the content and who it’s for? How and why would it benefit from this translation into a digital format on PubPub?

Review what’s been done

Please select one of the communities listed below. In about a paragraph, tell us what you think. What could be done better? What’s done well? Do other ideas come to mind? We’re always using the work we’ve completed to build on and improve future projects. Thinking creatively and critically about them informs what’s next and, we think, could be a lot of fun!

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