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KFG Announces Four New Programs

As an invitation to potential partners, this announcement outlines plans for inaugural KFG programs to address critical knowledge challenges
Published onJun 25, 2020
KFG Announces Four New Programs

At the Knowledge Futures Group (KFG), we believe that technology infrastructure should not be divorced from the broader environment in which it exists. Given our current moment of social unrest toward long-required change, we must act now. KFG will use its resources intentionally and in partnership with others (you!) to ask: how do we enable just and inclusive life cycles of knowledge? How do we build trustworthy information environments to support a better-informed society? How do we meaningfully measure impact? How do we ensure universal access to knowledge? With the help of partners, we will explore the cultural and technological answers to these questions through four new programs:

Knowledge Ecosystems: We examine how knowledge ecosystems exist today, develop playbooks to improve them, and facilitate new knowledge life cycles accelerated through multi-institution collaboration.

Community Publishing: We build infrastructure to enable community-driven publishing toward more thorough, trustworthy, and inclusive models for publishing platforms and tools.

Universal Data: We research and develop tools for discovery, provenance, and interoperability of data, to ensure transparent and universal access to public knowledge.

Measuring Knowledge: We craft and deliver new analytics that aligns with the growth, learning, and empowerment afforded by modern knowledge ecosystems to redefine impact and success.

To execute on the mission of these foundational programs, we will partner with a broad range of aligned organizations and institutions, in academia, industry, and advocacy groups. Together we will build vital infrastructure and processes. We recognize that this will not be easy, but we are committed to this challenge and we are prepared for a long road ahead. 

“The KFG was founded on the belief that the means of knowledge creation should be accessible to all. This has been reflected in our long-standing, community-driven approach to product development and with the introduction of the four inaugural KFG Programs, we intend to scale our approach to involve partners—from institutions to individuals—at all levels. We invite participants to help us design the products, behaviors, and social processes that address the critical knowledge challenges we collectively face.”

- Travis Rich, Executive Director of Knowledge Futures Group 

More information about the programs and the specific initiatives that are currently underway will be announced soon, and we invite you to reach out now if you want more information, have questions, or would like to propose something that we can work on together.

Please email Zach Verdin, Director of Strategic Programs. He’d love to hear from you:

About the Knowledge Futures Group
The Knowledge Futures Group, a nonprofit originally founded as a partnership between the MIT Press and MIT Media Lab, builds and sustains technology for the production, curation, and preservation of knowledge in service of the public good.

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