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Arcadia Science and KFG partner to break new ground in science communication

As part of this engagement, Arcadia has also signed on as a Network-level Member of KFG
Published onMay 31, 2022
Arcadia Science and KFG partner to break new ground in science communication

May 31, 2022Knowledge Futures Group and Arcadia Science today announce a new collaboration. The partnership will ensure that Arcadia scientists have the digital spaces and tools they need to fully innovate how they communicate new knowledge publicly. Members of the KFG team will be working with Arcadia scientists and staff to establish spaces and strategies for research communication on KFG’s platforms: PubPub, for detailed research products, and Underlay, for open data sharing. 

Arcadia Science is a groundbreaking new research and development company co-founded by Seemay Chou, Prachee Avasthi, and Jed McCaleb, investing in scientific research and commercialization. Arcadia is dedicated to prioritizing the open, early, and frequent sharing of data and research. They chose both PubPub and Underlay for their research communication strategy and data sharing after weighing a variety of options. As part of this engagement, they have also signed on as Network-level Members of KFG. 

“I am beyond thrilled to be working with the visionary KFG team, the creators of our research communication infrastructure. Their platforms for sharing research and data were built with openness and utility in mind from the outset,” noted Prachee Avasthi, Arcadia’s Chief Scientific Advisor and incoming CSO. “Arcadia and KFG share something more than tangible goals, we share ideology and purpose. They don't just build for now, but build for an ecosystem that is better than the one we have today. So when we came to them with our hopes, it was as if they were prepared for this all along.”

Arcadia’s research communication strategy is in line with KFG’s mission to provide tools that not only make knowledge more open and accessible but also more useful. As partners, we’re aligned in our focus on maximizing the utility of research and in diversifying the ways work is shared, across content types and in the service of greater collaboration. 

No work produced or funded by Arcadia will be published in academic journals, which is an ironclad, non-negotiable principle of the organization. Instead, Arcadia scientists will be evaluated on their ability to make their work useful to others. To start, Arcadia scientists will publish on their new PubPub Community, Arcadia Research, and work with the PubPub Content team, along with Arcadia staff, to embed early and frequent research sharing into the company’s culture. Soon, Arcadia will avail itself of the Underlay, an open distributed knowledge graph developed by KFG, for open sharing and updating datasets. 

“Sometimes you find a fellow traveller that is also working to bring about the future you hope to see. When that happens it feels like lightning in a bottle,” said Zach Verdin, Head of Strategic Programs at KFG. “We feel that way with Arcadia and are honored and excited to partner with them to making science communication more accessible, participatory, and effective.” 

As with all KFG Memberships, Arcadia’s engagement with KFG will also help inform product roadmaps and new features. The feedback of Arcadia scientists will be invaluable to the development of both PubPub and Underlay, along with the future development of open tools and norms around knowledge communication. Arcadia is taking bold steps in the service of knowledge for the public good and hopes others will follow their lead.

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To learn more about this partnership and KFG platforms contact Zach Verdin, [email protected]. To learn more about Arcadia Science, contact Lauren Richardson, [email protected]

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