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Recruiting Resources

Published onFeb 22, 2022
Recruiting Resources

Fulltime Staff Recruiting Resources.

In the past, we’ve tried several job advertisement services with varying success. To date, the most successful services for eliciting higher volumes of high-quality candidates have been:

  • LinkedIn Jobs (mostly because their pre-screening tools are very good at handling volume)

  • People of Color in Tech

  • KF Twitter

Services that have not proved effective:

  • Academic publishing industry-specific job boards (very expensive, very low volume)

  • Hacker News (extremely high volume of difficult-to-screen applications; next time, we may try adding a LinkedIn jobs link to HN)

Unclear, but perhaps worth another look:

  • Black Tech Pipeline (high cost, low volume of applicants)

  • University job boards (low cost, low volume)

Internship Recruiting Resources.
Her Campus

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