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Ben Howe

The Knowledge Futures Group welcomes a new software engineer to its team
Published onMar 24, 2021
Ben Howe


Ben joined the Knowledge Futures Group (KFG) in March 2021 as a Software Engineer. He will contribute to the ongoing evolution of PubPub. Ben aims to augment PubPub to support the needs of an ever-growing number of user communities and use-cases and to keep the experience of creation and review enticingly facile.


Before landing at the KFG, Ben developed a men's suiting website for four years. When not tending the e-commerce garden of abandoned carts and slick interface, he was building tools linking the consumer's bespoke fitting experience to the incremental steps of production on the factory floor, and streamlining the tailors' alteration calculations. Ben worked for some years in restaurants in Seattle, New Orleans, and New York City. While he has shifted his career path in recent years, his enthusiasm for the kitchen remains.

Contact: [email protected]

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