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Getting involved

Published onDec 24, 2019
Getting involved

The KFG is always open to new collaborations and contributors. If you want to contribute to our work, or start your own affiliated group, send us a note.

Share research

  • Start a publishing community
    Introduce friends and colleagues to PubPub — invite them to publish research, books, or conferences here for discussion.

  • Flip a journal
    If you know someone editing or publishing in a closed journal, who wants a better option — help them make it a Pub; or introduce us.

  • Donate documents or data
    If you have data or existing publications to share more widely, we can help connect you to a suitable archive.

Share ideas

  • Propose a new Project or tool
    Something you have made, or just something you need - a platform, product, protocol, or tool.

  • Start a related group near you
    We can help you start an affiliated group and join the KFG network.

Share resources

  • Donate money
    The KFG is a non-profit, supported by grants and donations through our fiscal sponsor, Yarnlabs.

  • Donate services
    Some of our tools rely on commercial cloud services. If you run your own cloud, or can donate credits for major platforms, let us know.

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