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Pub-creation API ideas (fanfic)

Published onFeb 20, 2023
Pub-creation API ideas (fanfic)

I haven’t seen these requests or use cases gathered in one place; here’s an overview: Use cases for a creating a pub from an existing document.

Restful: a “create pub” URL that takes parameters for common metadata, including a source-URL for upload
API: authenticate and publish via a script w/o using a browser, letting you populate common metadata fields


  1. Push from CMS: Say I have an existing OJS instance and want to put the output onto ¶. I want to give it an API key and community, and call “publish” with the title, author, body text.

  2. Seed a review pub: I have a community of publication + review on ¶. As an admin, when I approve a request for review, I want to create a new review pub w/ template text prefilled, & a docmaps link to the pub being reviewed.(A bookmarklet w/ my API key might suffice) Note that the reviewers might not have “create new pub” rights in the community, but this way I can give them an edit link to the seeded review.

  3. Import from web: I have a draft on the web (a google doc, a Roam/Obsidian page, a PDF); while looking at it, I want to choose “import to ¶ as new pub”. This might load a "create new pub via import" URL that takes me to an import interface w/ that URL prefilled.

    • Ex: Discourse graphs / oasislab [already exist in outliners]

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