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The Future of Knowledge and Publishing: A View from MIT

Published onNov 25, 2018
The Future of Knowledge and Publishing: A View from MIT

The Knowledge Futures Group at the National Institute of Informatics

Tokyo, Japan

December 19, 2018, 15:00 - 16:30

In order for university-based scholarly publishers to flourish into the future, it is imperative that they establish our own innovation pathways. Toward this end, the MIT Knowledge Futures Group (KFG), a new joint initiative of the MIT Press and the MIT Media Lab, seeks to transform research publishing from a closed, sequential process, into an open, community-driven one. Catherine Ahearn, PhD, Senior Project Editor at the KFG, will discuss the vision and mission of the Group, focusing on areas for potential partnerships with the NII, such as fostering international collaboration between researchers and students and the open dissemination of research results, and the development of an open knowledge graph. The KFG incubates and deploys open source technologies to support both rapid, open dissemination and a shared ecosystem for information review, provenance, and verification. Ahearn will demo PubPub, an open access, open-source community publishing platform currently in development at the KFG, with particular focus on its use for conferences, journals, and knowledge verification. There will then be a 20-30-minute period for questions and discussion.

If you have questions or points you would like Catherine to address during her talk, please add them to this document:

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