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March 2021 Product Update

The team grows + an important heads-up + input about review features
Published onMar 25, 2021
March 2021 Product Update

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01.  Welcome Ben Howe to the PubPub dev team!

This month the KFG team grew by one more when it welcomed Ben Howe, a software engineer on our dev team. Ben is currently based in New Orleans and previously worked in restaurants in Seattle, New Orleans, and New York City. More recently, Ben spent 4 years developing men's suiting website. You can learn more about him here!

02.  Improvements to page layout editor

Next Tuesday, March 30th, we will release some improvements to the Page layout editor, including new ordering options for Pubs blocks. Currently, unless they are pinned, Pubs in layout blocks appear in an unpredictable order that is roughly, but not quite, based on creation date. After this change, Pubs will be ordered by creation date by default, and you may also choose to sort them by publication date or by Collection order.

We're telling you this ahead of time because it may impact the order of the Pubs in some of your layouts. If your Pages or Collections have Pubs blocks meant to be displayed in a specific order — typical, for example, of chapter listings — you may want to check that this order is pinned in place. Drop us a line if you have concerns and we'll be happy to let you know if any action is required for your Community.

This is the first in a series of improvements to the Dashboard that we'll be rolling out soon that make it easier to manage Communities with a large number of Pubs. 

Here's a preview of the new design for the Pubs block editor:

03.  Submission + Review Features

We're starting to think deeply about the next steps for submission and review processes on PubPub. If you’d like to participate in that process, you can start by responding to this forum thread.

And, if you haven’t already, check out our new PubPub Forum on GitHub, where you can connect with other PubPub users, share ideas, tips and best practices, and get technical support and help.

04.  We’re hiring!

We may have just hired Ben, but we’re looking for another full-stack web developer to join the PubPub team. This year we’ll be building new submission and review tools, new ways for organizations to manage many Communities at once, more powerful discussion features, and more. Our next engineer will have a foundational role in bringing these to life for thousands of PubPub users and millions of readers. See the job description for more details.

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