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Lots of small presents...

Published onJan 10, 2019
Lots of small presents...

Hello! If you’re not already out on break, Happy Holidays from the PubPub team! We’ve put in one last sprint before our own break, this time focusing on making a large number of small improvements. Consider them stocking stuffers.

— The PubPub Team

PubPub Updates

Turn off the navbar. If you’re building a community that doesn’t need a navbar, you can now turn it off, giving your site a simpler and less busy look and feel.

Richer contributor credit information. We now display information about how contributors added to the work in the Pub sidebar so readers can quickly understand the amazing work of illustrators, copy editors, producers, and more.

Download community images. You can now download uploaded community images right from management pages, making producing print/offline versions of Pubs and sharing your community images with outside collaborators quicker and easier. Thanks to Thomas of Cursor for the suggestion.

Delete discussion channels. You can now delete discussion channels that you no longer need to keep open.

Feedback. Please continue to give us feedback on bugs, features you find helpful, ideas for improvement, and things you would like to see on PubPub by writing to [email protected]!

We’re (still) Hiring!

Do you want to work on PubPub, or know someone who might? We’re hiring for multiple roles, including marketing, design, and software development.

See our listings on the new KFG website

Community News

Want your community news featured here? Sent a note to [email protected]!

  • Optional: Many thanks to The National Institute of Informatics, Digital Garage, and Kadokawa for hosting us in Tokyo last week! We enjoyed sharing what PubPub and the Knowledge Futures Group is up to and learned from their helpful questions and ideas. If you’re interested in meeting with the PubPub team and a potential partnership, get in touch: [email protected]!

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