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Developed Features and Community Developments

Your August 2020 PubPub newsletter
Published onAug 13, 2020
Developed Features and Community Developments

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Hello all, 

Looking back, this month has been all about building on and fine-tuning existing things. You'll notice this in our platform updates, but also in our community news. Two books that went through open peer review on PubPub are now "final" and out in the world in print and... open access on PubPub! Our readings seek to ground us, both in the history of what we're up to and in a broader modern context. 

And be sure to catch the KFG 2020 Annual Report. It may be listed last, but it's worth a spot at the top of your reading list (or open tabs) — especially if you're curious to know more about how PubPub fits into the KFG's larger mission of ensuring public knowledge exists as a public good.
As always, thank you for reading and contributing,
Your PubPub team

Advanced Crossref depositing

We’ve made some big updates to Crossref depositing to support preprints, workflows that use accepted manuscripts, and to use our new Connections feature. You can now select a deposit’s content version — preprint, advance manuscript, or version of record, allowing you to deposit a Pub as a preprint, or as an advance manuscript and then later as a version of record. The upgrades also make use of PubPub’s new Connections feature, announced last month. If your Pub has any Connections, we’ll submit those to Crossref as Relationships, allowing others to discovery those related items. Finally, PubPub now displays a preview of what we’ll submit to Crossref, making it easier to see how your Pub will be deposited ahead of time.

Custom publication date

You can now set a custom publication date for Pubs, allowing you to import existing content onto the platform and back-date it appropriately.

Rapid Reviews: COVID-19 Launch

Rapid Reviews: COVID-19 (RR:C19), an open access, rapid-review overlay journal, has launched its first batch of reviews. Additional reviews across 5 domains will be published on a rolling basis.

Design Justice

The next chapter of Design Justice, "Design Pedagogies: There’s Something Wrong with This System!” is now live to read here. The final chapter in this title by Sasha Costanza-Chock will be made available next month. 

Data Feminism

After a highly successful open review period on PubPub, the published version of Data Feminism is now available as an OA title on PubPub

The Good Drone

This title by Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick was first made available for open peer review on PubPub in April 2019. This month, the final version of the book launched as both a print and OA edition, which you can read and/or purchase here

HDSR 2.3

Issue 2.3 of the Harvard Data Science Review has launched and will continue to roll out into September. Pieces include an interview with MIT President Raphael Reif, Jeannette M. Wing on research challenge areas in Data Science, and Shuyang Li and Julian McAuley on Data Science in the home kitchen.

Do you have community news? Please share it with us at [email protected]  for inclusion in our next newsletter!

"In Defense of Useful Art" by Caroline Sinders in Pioneer Works

"The datafication in transformative agreements for open access publishing" by Samuel Moore on his website

Burning the Books: A History of the Deliberate Destruction of Knowledge by Richard Ovenden and published by Harvard University Press

Working in Public: The Making and Maintenance of Open Source Software by Nadia Eghbal and published by Stripe Press

Media Literacy Toolkit Edited by Whitney Philips on Commonplace

5 Things to Think About

Matt Locke of Storythings and the Public Media Stack curated the first installation of a new KFG newsletter called 5 Things to Think About. You can read Matt's 5 Things here and sign up to receive future newsletters on Commonplace

KFG 2020 Annual Report

We find ourselves in a time when public knowledge is not serving the public good at several scales. The Knowledge Futures Group 2020 milestones + 2021 priorities reflect the ways we aim to influence change to solve this complex problem. You can learn more about this, and the role PubPub plays, in the KFG 2020 annual report.

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