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Chelsea Johnston Joins KF as Open Publishing Editor

Published onDec 18, 2023
Chelsea Johnston Joins KF as Open Publishing Editor

Chelsea Johnston joined the Knowledge Futures Group in December 2023 as the Open Publishing Editor. In this role, Chelsea will join the KF Community Team in working with partners to define and accomplish publishing goals. She will also collaborate with partnered communities to create media—including video abstracts, visualizations, and other interactive elements—to enhance their work. Leveraging PubPub alongside Community Services, Chelsea will guide partners in developing and managing publications that maximize impact. She is thrilled for new opportunities to support open publishing with empathy and strategy.

Previously, Chelsea worked as the Scholarly Publishing and Repository Librarian at the University of Florida, where she led open publishing efforts for the LibraryPress@UF, organizing technical options and nurturing relationships to launch successful journals and monographs. Chelsea has also worked as a Library Operations Coordinator with the University of South Florida Libraries and an Associate Acquisitions Editor with Elsevier. In each of these roles, Chelsea focused on compassionate project management, understanding the importance of projects to the individual and to the collective. She is excited to contribute these skills to KFG’s mission to encourage sustainability, accessibility, and curiosity in research, publishing, and communications.

Beyond partnerships and publishing, Chelsea loves being outside, walking fast, having her life soundtracked by her husband, chaotically tending houseplants with her daughter, and seeking out strong iced coffee. She is grateful that, at time of publication, Florida has entered kumquat season.

Chelsea’s soundtrack for authoring this post. She reports that it works as well for wrapping up edits as it does for wrapping up gifts.

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