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July 2022 Product Update

ORCID in Crossref Deposits, Right-to-left text editing, Improved math editing, Rich Text Titles, "My Pubs" in Dashboard
Published onJul 28, 2022
July 2022 Product Update
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01. ORCID in Crossref Deposits

PubPub now adds ORCIDs to Crossref deposits for all contributors on a Pub who have ORCID entered (either via their profile, if they have a user account, or via the Contributors interface if they don’t). After depositing the article, if the authors have configured Crossref ORCID auto-update, the Pub will automatically be added to their ORCID profile and the authors will be notified. Of course, authors can always choose to remove or hide Pubs they don’t want to display on their public profile.

02. Right-to-left text editing

For languages such as Arabic, Hebrew, and Farsi that are written right-to-left, PubPub now offers a right-to-left (RTL) option in the editor toolbar, seen here:

This settings applies at the level of individual paragraphs. When it’s enabled, text alignment, selection, and cursor movement will work as expected for users of these languages. Here’s an example of RTL text in PubPub:

من از اون آسمون آبی میخوام

من از اون شبهای مهتابی میخوام

03. Improved math editing

PubPub’s new math editing experience makes it easier to stay in the flow while drafting math-heavy Pubs. Now you can type some TeX between dollar signs $ like this % and it’ll automatically be converted to (inline  math)(inline\; math). You can also type two dollar signs to open a math block. These inline and block math elements can be edited right from the document:

There’s better support for collaborative editing here, too. Others will now see your changes to math elements as you type.

04. Rich Text Titles

You can now add bold and italic text to titles in PubPub using the usual keyboard shortcuts!

We’ll be adding support for more rich text content in titles soon.

05. My Pubs in Dashboard Overview

We’ve added a new section of the Community and Collection overviews to show only Pubs that you are a Member of, or a contributor to:

This should make it easier to find the Pubs you care about most.

06. Coming Soon: Community-Level Pub settings

It can be difficult to keep a consistent look and feel across a PubPub Community, because settings like the header theme and citation style need to be configured with each new Pub. Starting soon, you’ll be able to set these values for an entire Community, with the option to override them individually for each Pub:

You’ll notice a bit of a much-needed refresh of the Settings tabs in here as well ;)

We’ll be bringing this feature to Collections soon after — and we’ll be using it as the basis for a more flexible and configurable PubPub going forward.

00. User Survey: We'd Like to Hear from You

Whether you run a community or have read a few pubs, we'd like to understand who you are, how you value PubPub, and and how we can be a better partner to you.

>>Please take 2 minutes and complete our brief survey.<<

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