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Iron Blogger - KFeG

Published onAug 05, 2019
Iron Blogger - KFeG

Welcome to KFeG, an overlay journal for anyone who likes to (write|drink). How it works:

  1. Participants list themselves & commit to > 1 blog post or essay a week. Weeks run from Fri — Fri.

  2. Multiple posts are encouraged, but don’t count for the following week.
    Any topic or length of post is acceptable.

  3. You can blog about joining as your first post.

    Drafts and pithy emails count.

  4. Each week, add a link to your post below.

  5. If you miss a post, you owe the drinks pool $5.

  6. ~Once a month, we go out for drinks. Paid for by the pool til it runs out.1

  7. You can punt a week at any time by notifying me mid-week.

  8. Experimentation and ruleslawyering is encouraged.

  9. Add yourself below or email SJ w/ questions.


  • SJ

  • Jess

  • T-Money*

  • Gabe

  • Catherine2

  • Joel

  • Sarah

  • Amy

  • Heather


8/2-9 2




  • …retconned out of the calendar.

9/6-13 : drinks on 9/20

add yours below.

janu nanu:

goog is very good