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OKRs and Structural Justice

How we align our goals (OKRs) with our structural justice work.
Published onFeb 02, 2022
OKRs and Structural Justice


For the purpose of creating a shared focus the KFG crafts OKRs that are visited often and re-evaluated yearly (or as needed). Over time, we may shift to other systems and techniques for setting goals, but regardless of the format (OKR or otherwise), we mandate that the goals of our anti-racism and structural justice work are represented in the top-level and team-level goals for the organization. These need not be separate DEI-specific goals, but we must have a coherent and good-faith articulation of how our OKRs advance our anti-racism and structural justice work.

Review Process

The anti-racism and structural justice task force is responsible for reviewing the OKRs through a structural justice lens. Their responsibility is to review the close-to-finalized goals and either:

  1. Write a short statement outlining how our OKRs advance our structural justice work, or

  2. State that such a statement cannot yet be crafted, and thus the team must return to the development process.

There are a few steps the team can take early in the process to ensure that such a statement can be written.

  • Review our Anti-Racism & Structural Justice collection at the beginning of the OKR process.

  • Identify ways our OKRs have advanced our structural justice goals in the past

  • Be explicit in identifying the structural justice work we hope to perform in the coming year

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