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Your PubPub March Wormhole 馃悰

Your March 2021 PubPub Community Update
Published onMar 09, 2021
Your PubPub March Wormhole 馃悰

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Hi all,

Welcome to our many new subscribers, and welcome back to those of you who follow along each month!聽These days we're excited about Communities that are further developing their spaces on PubPub. It's a learning experience for us, too, when we see Communities find and build upon successful models and insights from their use of the platform. It directly influences our strategy for PubPub and higher-level plans at the Knowledge Futures Group.聽

Happy reading! And thanks.

Your PubPub Team

Community Highlights

A recent article in the journal Technology, Mind, and Behavior was featured on the Today show.聽"Nonverbal overload: A theoretical argument for the causes of Zoom fatigue" by聽Jeremy Bailenson focuses on nonverbal overload as a potential cause for fatigue, and provides four arguments outlining how various aspects of the current Zoom interface likely lead to psychological consequences.

How do we create a universe of truthful and verifiable information, available to everyone? In聽The New Enlightenment and the Fight to Free Knowledge (Seven Stories Press), MIT Open Learning鈥檚 Peter B. Kaufman describes the powerful forces that have purposely crippled our efforts to share knowledge widely and freely. Open chapters of the book will be published on PubPub throughout the month.

Issue Two of Sonic聽Scope: New Approaches to Audio Visual Culture (Goldsmiths University Press)聽is now live! The issue comprises聽nine articles covering topics from memes to AR, as well as聽a call and response section.

Fermentation in Ancient Mesopotamia, Beer, Bread and More Beer | Fermentology mini-seminars

Fermentology is a PubPub community consisting of a series of talks and related resources about the culture, history and science behind the foods you have at home. As a project of the NC State University Public Science Lab, Fermentology continues to post talks on a regular basis, including this one on "Fermentation in Ancient Mesopotamia, Beer, Bread and More Beer."

Cursor_ (a theology journal based at the University of聽Heidelberg and a [very] early PubPub adopter) has redesigned its homepage. We recommend looking at their layout and design for some ideas for your own Communities!

Tool Tip

In the fall of 2020, the Consejo Nuevo Le贸n team used PubPub to collect feedback on policy proposals critical to the citizens of the Mexican state and organizations based there. Learn more about their process and results in this helpful case study.


Putting Publications into Context with the DocMaps Framework for Editorial Metadata鈥 by Jessica Polka, Gary McDowell, Tony Ross-Hellauer, and Gabe Stein in The Scholarly Kitchen

The Words We Live By: Our Ideas and Values as the Catalyst for Action鈥 by Dawitt Tegbaru in The Scholarly Kitchen

Library Comprehensive Content Strategy鈥 by the University of Sheffield Library Staff in Commonplace

Is preprint the future of science? A thirty year journey of online preprint services鈥 by Boya Xie, Zhihong Shen, and Kuansan Wang in

What can we do when misinformation goes viral?鈥 an Emerson Friday Fellows Series with Dr. Seema Yasmin


[1]聽 Open Publishing Awards
Nominations are now open for the second annual Open Publishing Awards!聽The Awards, operated by the Coko Foundation, acknowledge winners across three categories: open software, open models, and open content. If you'd like to shine a light聽on an open project, consider submitting a nomination.

[2] PubPub User Forum and Roadmap
We've replaced聽our Discourse forum with a new one on GitHub Discussions, to give the PubPub community one place to share ideas, ask questions, talk about best practices, and get help. We've also organized PubPub's roadmap into a high-level list of priorities, progress, and intentions.聽

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