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KFG embraces mentorship and sponsorship activities designed to uplift employees and eliminate barriers that hinder progress.
Published onJan 11, 2022


Knowledge Futures Group supports mentoring and sponsorship activities that remove barriers faced by employees, especially those who face systemic challenges such as low pay or minimal job growth opportunity due to implicit bias or racism. In response, KFG is establishing a mentoring framework for new and existing employees to participate in meaningful dialogue that promotes onboarding, professional identity, skill enhancement, knowledge transfer, and career development.

The suggested length of KF’s mentoring program cycle (from orientation to graduation) is about 9 months. A mid-point and end-of-program evaluation will be solicited to allow mentoring pairs to reflect on how things have progressed, and provide feedback about the program's effectiveness.

Example timeline

Month 1

Orientation workshop facilitated by mentoring program volunteers. Will include breakout sessions for mentor/mentee pairings to get acclimated.

Month 2

First one-on-one w/mentor and mentee

Month 3

Develop/finalize a development plan

Month 4

Focus on professional development goal #1

Month 5

Goal strategy discussion, develop goal #2

Month 6

Assess program and goals #1 and #2

Month 7

Discuss course corrections (if needed), finalize goal #3

Month 8

Discuss/finalize goals #1-3

Month 9

Reflect and celebrate

Interested in Becoming a Mentor or Mentee?

Below is a list of key inputs for KF’s mentorship program:

  1. Interest survey for potential mentees and mentors.

  2. Matchmaking — mentor/mentee pairings based on compatibility from interest survey or targeted matches for new hires based on work areas. Peer recommendations or self-nominations may also be taken into consideration.

  3. Confidentiality agreement — agreement between mentor and mentee that emphasizes trust, transparency, and loyalty and ensures that information discussed between the two should be treated with the utmost confidence.

  4. Mentoring agreement — how / when mentor and mentees meet.

  5. Action/development plan — activities ensuring mentoring goals are met. The mentee will complete the plan with their mentor.

  6. Mentoring log — recorded meetings and activities that show progress and help with program feedback (remeet would be helpful in this regard).

  7. Evaluation — mentors and mentees will reflect on progress and provide input on the program’s effectiveness at the mid-point and end of the program.

Roles & Responsibilities



Head of Operations

  • Approve the creation of KF’s mentoring program

  • Ensure mentoring program goals or activities align with organizational objectives

  • Support efforts to ensure the program’s success

Mentoring Program Leader

  • Oversee the development, implementation, and evaluation of the mentoring program

  • Guide program coordinator activities and ensure a smooth process for potential mentors and mentees

  • Continuously improve the mentoring program

Mentoring Program Coordinator

  • Help compile program documents and resources

  • Facilitate participant assessments


  • Promote KF’s mission, vision, and goals

  • Discuss KF’s structure and culture (for new hires)

  • Work with the mentee on their development plan

  • Meet regularly with mentee to discuss progress

  • Provide feedback and recommendations to improve mentoring program


  • Meet regularly with mentor

  • Actively participate in mentoring activities, including defining and accomplishing goals

  • Provide feedback and recommendations to improve mentoring program  

Measuring Impact

  • % of participants regularly connecting;

  • % of employees participating from underrepresented groups1

  • qualitative data on perceived effectiveness;

  • training, promotion, and retention rates for participating and non-participating employees.

January was National Mentoring Month. This was an excellent time for leaders to reflect on the value of mentoring within their spheres of influence —at KFG and beyond.

Learn more about National Mentoring Month toolkits and events

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