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TriNet PTO Request Guide

Instructions for how to request time off through your TriNet portal.
Published onJan 05, 2023
TriNet PTO Request Guide

TriNet PTO Request Guide

Request Time Off

To request time off login to your TriNet portal.

Navigate to the menu on the left and click on Time > Time Off

You will see a count of hours you have taken so far this calendar year.

Select the orange Request Time Off button and enter the details needed to submit your request. If you have the TriNet app downloaded, you can also do this on your phone.

Manager Submitting Request on Behalf of Employee

In the event that you or an employee cannot submit your own PTO request, your manager has the ability to submit the request for you.

Go to Admin/Manager view > Time > Manage Team Time Off > View All

Select the name of the employee > Click the Create Request button > enter the details needed to submit the request.

Changing/Deleting A Request

To change the dates of a request navigate back to the Time Off page.

Under the section Upcoming Requests > View All Requests (link) > Click the request to change > select Edit or Cancel Request

If the request was already approved and you are not able to cancel, you may need to ask your manager to cancel the request for you.


Admins can view time off across all teams. To view all approved and pending time off requests go to Time > Manage Company Time Off

From there, Admins may also edit/change/delete a request for an employee and may approve requests when a manager is out.

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