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October Product Update

Published onOct 21, 2021
October Product Update

Editing connections

Pub admins can now edit Connections once they’ve been saved. To edit an existing Connection, visit the settings page and click the edit button. If you have deposited the Pub to Crossref with the Connection, you will be prompted to re-deposit the Pub with the new Connection information.

LaTeX improvements

We’ve upgraded the version of KaTeX we use to display LaTeX. PubPub now supports equations, various versions of align, and colors. For more information, see our LaTeX compatibility guide.

Collection Impact Dashboard

We’ve released an initial version of collection-level Impact metrics that allows admins to better understand the performance of specific collections of Pubs. The initial version does not include visits to Collection homepages (whether Pages or Layouts), but does include page view, user, download, referrer, and campaign data for all Pubs within a Collection.

Custom CSS

Community admins can now make edits to their CSS to more fully customize the look and feel of their Communities via the Customize CSS link in the Community settings. We’ve even added in a few utility classes to the body tag to help write CSS targeting specific types of pages, and even specific objects via their IDs. Although we’re thrilled to allow people to make these customizations, we consider this an experimental feature and do not offer support for CSS customization, nor do we guarantee that future versions of PubPub will preserve existing page structure or class names.

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