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Supporting our Communities and Enjoying Community Support

Your October 2020 PubPub newsletter
Published onOct 06, 2020
Supporting our Communities and Enjoying Community Support

PubPub newsletter subscribers received this newsletter on October 5, 2020. You can view it here on Mailchimp. Consider subscribing to our monthly newsletters for updates about the platform, news from our communities, and things we’re thinking about.

Hello all,

Some of you may have noticed our September newsletter hiatus. We took a break from our regularly scheduled communication to, well, take a deep breath. We recommend it! And a warm welcome to our ~300 new subscribers! We hope you stay a while. 

As ever, our team has been busy and our communities, it seems, even busier. We had the absolute joy of hosting our first-ever partners summit last month, during which we received valuable feedback and enjoyed watching attendees connect and learn about each other's diverse work and use cases. We intend to host more summits, so please be in touch to attend a future one ([email protected]). And many, many thanks to those of you who made the inaugural summit.  

We're also excited to introduce our new Editorial Manager, Dawit Tegbaru! Dawit has over a decade of experience in scholarly publishing, mostly with society publishers, and will be working directly with existing, new, and potential communities. You can learn more about Dawit and how to reach him here
Thank you for reading and spending time with us,
Your PubPub team


Each PubPub community now has a sitemap index hosted at [community name] Sitemaps will make pages and Pubs in your community easier to discover for search engines, and are updated every 24 hours.

RSS Updates

Now, more metadata is provided to RSS readers, including author and category (collection) metadata. RSS enclosures are now generated for each article in the feed, including auto-generated XML, and auto-generated PDF or default downloads. The feed.xml endpoint now supports the following query filters:

  • Date published publishedAfter=YYYY-MM-DD , publishedOn=YYYY-MM-DDpublishedBefore=YYYY-MM-DD .

  • Collections - an OR query for content within collections, i.e.: collections=id12345,id345678 plus the ability to exclude a collection using minus, ie: collections=id12345,-id345678

  • Connections - a boolean of whether to show child connections or not connections=false|true, defaults to true.

Release Changelog

The warning callout when viewing an older release of a Pub now contains a button that reveals the Pub’s changelog: a linear history of all the releases of a Pub and their release notes.

Direct Download URL

A new URL: /pub/:slug/download directly downloads:

  • The formatted download for a Pub, if it exists, or

  • The latest automatically generated PDF export for the Pub's latest release

TypeScript migration

The PubPub code base is slowly but surely being migrated to TypeScript. TypeScript will help improve our documentation, validate that the code is working correctly, and help catch errors before they happen.


The Council of Nuevo León, Mexico has launched a PubPub community to collect feedback on its Strategic Plan from citizens and institutions. We're excited to see the platform used to promote and invite civic engagement.


COPIM (or, Community-led Open Publication Infrastructures for Monographs) has revamped its open documentation site. All posts are now organized by year & quarter on the homepage and specific topics have their own landing pages. Through making this documentation open and accessible, all are able to follow and participate in COPIM's important work.  

Design Justice

The final chapter of Design Justice, "Directions for Future Work: From #TechWontBuildIt to #DesignJustice” is now live. Author Sasha Costanza-Chock engaged in a monthly rollout of the monograph's chapters, which is now entirely available OA, as well as in print from the MIT Press

The Journal of Qualitative Criminology

Qualitative Criminology is a peer reviewed, diamond OA journal newly on PubPub. Publishing since 2013, the journal has migrated back issues to the platform and will continue publishing new work on a quarterly basis. 


AfricArXiv, a community-led digital archive for African research working towards building an Africa-owned open scholarly repository, is expanding their use of PubPub to include community resources, calls to action, and multimedia submissions.

Media Studies Press

MSP is a non-profit, scholar-led publisher of open access books and journals in the media studies field. They have some new work on their PubPub community, including the monograph Our Master's Voice: Advertising and the journal History of Media Studies.  

Do you have community news? Please share it with us at [email protected]  for inclusion in our next newsletter!

"Unintended Consequences: The Perils of Publication and Citation Bias" by Gareth and Rhodri Leng in the MIT Press Reader

"Why misinformation about COVID-19’s origins keeps going viral"
by Monique Brouillette and Rebecca Renner in National Geographic 

"Woods Work" by William Bryant Logan in Emergence Magazine

"Are Journalists and Researchers the Real Content Moderators?"
Safiya Umoja Noble interviewed by Julia Angwin in The Markup

"Knowledge Infrastructure and the Role of the University"
by Amy Brand in the Commonplace

Are you reading anything that might be of interest to the PubPub community? If so, we want to hear about it! Please share it with us at [email protected] 

5 Things to Think About

Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei, Co-director of punctum books curated the second installation of a new KFG newsletter called 5 Things to Think About. His 5 Things focuses of care, from the music and cat videos that do more than just entertain us, to reminders that communal care can be both sustaining and subversive. Read Vincent's 5 Things here and sign up to receive future installments. 

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