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Prior Art Archive map

Published onFeb 27, 2019
Prior Art Archive map

Archive project


  • Member + sustainer model (for current ~20 contributors)

  • Steering committee for guidance, network, funding

  • Division of labor: advice, recruiting, design, testing


  • Plan for use: Site+service creation, presentation, adoption.

  • Knowledge coverage: Perfecting coverage of prior-art + members by subfield

  • Impact tracking: search + patent quality, consolidation; existing measures

  • Maintenance: infra, code, social, $. Funds from consortium, grants, clients.

Documentation + Federation

  • Positioning in the world of prior-art search, patent officers, defensive pubs

  • How-to for digitizing, uploading, cleaning up uploads; search, on + offline


  • Define catalogs of docs and other targets that can be divided + conquered

    • User stories — many gathered, not formally structured

    • Test suites — well defined on Cisco’s side, in google sheets….

    • Milestones — separating + divvying up goals

    • Monitoring — alerts, emails, overview reports

  • Merging shared processes + docs into github

Archive website design

Archive design: Uploading, indexing, searching

  • Uploader experience workflow design

    • Uploader profile and documents management tools

    • Build user needs doc for USPTO, companies, law firms, individuals

  • Uploader/editor workflow - the current bottleneck for the archive.

    • Deleting, editing, merging docs and metadata

    • Design spec, wireframes, to feedback from uploaders.

    • Updated design + features, user test suites for same

  • Researcher/searcher experience: for one document, author, uploader.

  • Entity extraction + metadata extraction + indexing (cf LensID)

    • Improve CPC (patent classification) generation

    • [Future] Take advantage of underlaying: easy to iterate over flexible schemas

[Future] Archive services for uploaders: Reports, alerts

  • Underlay service: decentralized assertions, storage + provenance

  • Automatic indexing: in G!, Lens, WIPO searches. Same for other national patent frameworks. (Japan shares USPTO database, G!P already integrated)

    • Ingest + consolidate small defensive-publication services.

  • Patent alert for uploaders: note opportunities for third-party submissions

  • Digitization integration: w/ Iron Mountain, et al (or propose scan services)

Future planning

Roadmaps: Technical, UX. Coordination with other patent roadmaps.
Team specs: Design, partnerships.

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