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New Features in Version 5

Published onNov 27, 2018
New Features in Version 5

New Editor Experience

  • WYSIWYM (What You See Is What You Mean) editing interface to avoid needing to save & preview Pubs

  • Fixed top editor bar for composing complex documents

  • Inline editor bar for quick tasks like adding links and discussions

  • New sidebar interface for managing images, citations, tables, embeds, etc.

  • Inline Pub title editing for quicker Pub creation

  • Import/export Pubs to/from .doc, .epub, .html, .md, .odt, .txt, .xml or .tex

  • Basic Pub view analytics

Simplified Versions, Permissions, and Authorship

  • Separate working draft permissions for managing who can edit the document

  • Private and public snapshots for publishing multiple versions of Pubs

  • Ability to share individual snapshots with individual users with explicit permissions for full control of collaboration

  • Separate community admin permissions for Pub management

  • All contributors listed together, with a distinction between contributors and “byline” contributors, to support CASRAI CRediT guidelines

Discussion Overhaul

  • Discussions display as expandable previews rather than dots

  • New private, read-only, and public discussion channels to support everything from public feedback to expert commentary and private discussion groups

Enhanced Site Management

  • Admin dashboard redesign displaying all Pubs and their statuses

  • Group and display Pubs by tags for more flexible grouping and displaying of Pubs

  • Create private tags that only community admins can see

  • Redesigned Page layout options with new support for tag-based Pub groups, submission buttons, rich banner blocks, and HTML

Submissions & Review

  • Support multiple submission processes in a single community using submission buttons and tags

  • New basic review system allows authors to submit Pubs for review and community admins to approve them (support for more advanced review types coming soon)

Branding & New User Experience

  • New logo and logotype

  • New landing page with clear value proposition

  • Self-serve, instant community creation for new users

  • Global login and signup page redesign

  • Bi-weekly PubPub mailing list with new feature announcements and community activity

  • New help documentation, including community guidelines

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