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Knowledge Futures Membership

Published onDec 20, 2021
Knowledge Futures Membership

Knowledge Futures Group builds infrastructure for a more effective, equitable, and sustainable knowledge economy. Our main products, PubPub and Underlay, empower knowledge communities to produce documents and data in ways that enrich those communities.

We can continue to do this work because of the support of Members, like you, who seek to support and use non-exploitative, sustainable, and effective products. Members support us financially and are critical voices in determining the direction of our products. 

Becoming a Knowledge Futures Member allows individuals and organizations of all sizes to support open infrastructure; receive support for PubPub, Underlay, and other products; meet and share ideas with other innovative knowledge communities; and have a direct say in the development of Knowledge Futures and its infrastructure.

All membership contributions are meaningful to KFG’s sustainability and are a vote for a future that’s more open and where knowledge is shared in service of the public good. 


For budget-constrained groups who want to support KFG products and be included in member programs.


  • Custom domain names for your PubPub communities

  • Your name/logo on our website

  • Twice-yearly member calls to give feedback, learn about new developments, and meet new members

  • One invite to our member Slack channel

  • 5% discount on Community Services


For groups who need specialized support from the KFG team, and want to support public digital infrastructure. 

$1,500 - $7,500/year based on organizational budget

All of the supporter-level benefits, plus:

  • Three hours of dedicated support/strategy/training from the KFG team

  • Five invites to our member Slack channel

  • Email support for PubPub, Underlay, and any future products

  • 10% discount on Community Services


For groups, foundations, and institutions who want to build knowledge networks while supporting public digital infrastructure.

Starting at $15,000/year based on organizational budget

All of the contributor-level benefits, plus:

  • Custom page highlighting your institution’s Communities

  • Analytics dashboard to help you measure the impact of all your institution’s Communities

  • Regular strategy calls to help build and support your network

  • Support & strategy calls for individuals & groups within your network

For more information about network memberships please email [email protected]

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