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Drown through the references until you have an artifact
Published onJun 29, 2022
Glub Glub

What Happens Before Publishing a Pub?

A lot of research goes into making stuff.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a place to take notes, gather citations, interop with data, navigate citation maps, build a glossary, or create taxonomies?

I think so. To do this we first need hidden releases as Ian mentioned. We could also use facets/traits to define a pub type. Kind of like Pub.Note . I think the pub distinction is meaningful here because I consider a pub a structured document with metadata.

Scoping things to things may also be useful.

Something we can get from this is definitions scoped to a pub. A private dictionary, for example:

(stuff)[definition of stuff]

Now can build a simple index. These pubs can also exist as taxonomies, where concepts are defined.

(stuff)[definition of (two stuffs)[stuff two times two times]]


(two stuffs)[stuff two times two times]

(stuff)[definition of two stuffs]

Imagine the popup feature for a glossary here.

Stuff automagically gets treated as a hyperlink of sorts creating a powerful annotation workflow.

We could also integrate with whatever existing semantic tagging out there which may be great in general for the reader.

Fetch data from the underlay and compose tables, charts, and graphs that can be imported into pubs as figures

Cite sources where they matter, and aggregate them when publishing the final doc


Defining a pub through metadata could be fun?

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