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Minimal Review & Submission Brainstorm

Published onDec 14, 2020
Minimal Review & Submission Brainstorm
  • Notifications to tie it all together


  • Invite reviewers

  • Keep invited reviewers from seeing authors/contributors

    • Author still listed as first event in review thread

  • Reviewer member role at pub level?

  • Review settings at pub level: blindness/access

    • Totally separate threads

    • 1 combined thread

    • Authors can see review thread but not vice versa

    • Reviewers can see author thread but not vice versa

  • Review threads — need a way to have separate threads for author/admin and reviewer/admin.

    • Author thread: scoped to pub mods & above

    • Reviewer threads: scoped to individual review members & pub admins

    • Some kind of default text for review?

  • Notifications

    • Pub submitted for review: notification goes to admin

    • Review member added: notification goes to review

    • Reviewer thread new comment: notification to pub admins

    • Author thread new comment: notification to pub mods and above


  • Notification of submissions

  • Submission templates

  • Stripped down version of Pub draft view — only need to edit doc and click button. Don’t need all these settings.

  • Submission block — options, including template

    • Permissions for submission via this block

    • Editor with template

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