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PubPub Pricing + Examples

Published onJul 02, 2019
PubPub Pricing + Examples

About PubPub

PubPub is a non-profit home for publishing groups of all kinds. Our communities range from journals to conferences, from lab groups to entire publishing houses. While we aim to accommodate a variety of content genres, forms, and sources, our roadmap and feature set is designed directly from user feedback to support specific use cases. Everything on PubPub is published open access and our code is open source.

The four main organization structures on PubPub are Communities, Pages, Pubs, and Collections. The community is your site. Pubs are the core unit of PubPub: your articles, blog posts, or book chapters. Pages are for creating layouts for journals, books, or sections. Collections are for organizing lists of Pubs within Pages and for relating a group of Pubs to each other as a meaningful unit (issue, book, etc.) in metadata.



Cursor is a cross-disciplinary journal that heavily incorporates discussion and annotation into their production and publishing process. They routinely embed discussion prompts directly into their articles, inviting discussion that authors then incorporate into future articles or even directly into the text of the article. (Example)

Journal of Design and Science

The Journal of Design and Science, published jointly by the MIT Press and the MIT Media Lab, is an experiment that combines traditional scholarly publishing with innovative, forward-looking models. For example, Joi Ito’s manifesto Resisting Reduction, published in issue 3, was so widely discussed that the journal decided to solicit response essays from its readers. Over 100 essays were submitted using PubPub’s submission tools, and ten winners were published in a special Issue 3.5. The MIT Press will be publishing a peer-reviewed print book featuring the winning essays and the original in 2019.

Community Review

The MIT Press is using PubPub to conduct open community review of works prior to publication. The first experiment, Data Feminism, was a resounding success. A draft of the book was published on PubPub in November 2018 with an open review period lasting until January 2019. Using a combination of direct reach-out, social media, and speaking appearances, the authors were able to solicit over 1,000 annotations and comments on the draft from the data community. They are currently incorporating that feedback into a final draft, which will be published both online and in print by the end of 2019.

Met x Microsoft x MIT

A 2-day hackathon run jointly by the Metropolitan Museum in New York, Microsoft AI, and MIT used PubPub as an open authoring platform for hackathon participants to sketch out, work on, and then present their projects. They are continuing to use PubPub privately to collaborate on deepening and even productizing ideas that came out of the hackathon.

Pricing Model

At PubPub, we’re dedicated to giving researchers, libraries, and publishers a no cost publishing option. Anyone can start a community for free to collaboratively author, edit, and publish book, journal, or other content, including multimedia. Those who require additional customization, such as domains and licenses, can consider our paid models. Those groups posting content for a single Community should consider the Team option. Those organizations that foresee the need to manage multiple Communities under one Organizational Page should consider the Organization model. Production services are available for an additional fee, but please contact us so that we can better understand your needs.




Core features*

Custom domain

Custom licenses





Organization dashboard







0 admins: $100/yr

up to 10 admins: $750/yr

up to 25 admins: $1250/yr

up to 50 admins: $2000/yr

more than 50: contact us

0 admins: $150/yr

up to 10 admins: $1125/yr

up to 25 admins: $1875/yr

up to 50 admins: $3000/yr

more than 50: contact us

Production Services

Article Production: our team can help you import, format, style, deposit and publish your articles for a per-article fee.

Community Setup: our team can help you design, layout and format your community for a one-time per-community fee.


All plans include up to 100gb/month of bandwidth, which covers most uses. If you use more, we’ll work with you to increase your limit at a reasonable cost.

Financial Services (In development)

% per transaction 

*Core Features developed for and used by our communities include:

  • All of PubPub's core drafting, review, publishing, and discussion features

  • Unlimited publications

  • Your own subdomain

  • Publish with select CC licenses

  • E-mail support

  • Turnkey community creation

  • Landing page builder with flexible options

  • Clear article layout and design

  • Rich styling options for pages

  • Multi-user, real-time editing

  • In-line citation styling options

  • Content imports and exports from and to a variety of file types

  • Rich media embeds

  • Version tracking

  • Flexible peer review management, from open review to double blind (in development)

  • Collections metadata

  • Draft-level permissions

  • Inline annotation tool

  • Direct DOI assignment

  • A user-friendly mobile experience

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