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KFG welcomes Allison Vanouse as Production Editor

Published onApr 11, 2022
KFG welcomes Allison Vanouse as Production Editor

About Allison

Allison joined the KFG as a Production Intern in 2020, and cut her freelancer’s teeth on a variety of production projects during the darkest days of COVID quarantine. She joined the Content team as a full-time Production Editor in April 2022.

An alumna of Boston University’s Editorial Institute, where she completed a PhD in 2022, Allison was also Assistant Manager of the Association of Literary Scholars, Critics, and Writers (ALSCW) Boston office from 2011-2015, and a one-time member of the editorial boards of The Battersea Review, spoKe, and Riot of Perfume. Her dissertation is a scholarly edition of the poems of V.R. “Bunny” Lang.

Allison is passionate about the possibilities that PubPub affords to writers, editors, and publishers. She comes with baroque opinions on implementing interactive content, and using the Oxford comma. Allison also bears a substantial chip on the shoulder after two years as a multimodal writing instructor with BU’s undergraduate Writing Program, in which capacity she led small courses on “1950s Women Poets of New England” and David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest. 

Allison holds a BA from Brandeis University, and MA and PhD from Boston University. She was a member of Marsh Chapel Choir, and BU’s most important Elizabethan drama club, Willing Suspension. She is a member of the Charles Brockden Brown Society.

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