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Three PubPub Communities Acknowledged by 2021 PROSE Awards

Design Justice and HDSR secure PROSE wins, and Data Feminism was honored as a finalist by the Association of American Publisher's prestigious 2021 PROSE awards. All are published on PubPub by the MIT Press.
Published onFeb 01, 2021
Three PubPub Communities Acknowledged by 2021 PROSE Awards

The Association of American Publishers (AAP) announced last week the winners of its 45th annual Professional and Scholarly Excellence (PROSE) Awards. The announcement came just a few days after the AAP announced a list of 130 finalists across 45 categories. Of those honored by the awards, three are hosted on PubPub, all published by the MIT Press.

PubPub is honored to support these open access works and is grateful for our partnership with their authors and contributors. They are:

  • Best New Journal in Science, Technology & Medicine: The Harvard Data Science Review (The MIT Press), edited by Xiao-Li Meng of the Harvard Data Science Initiative

  • 2021 PROSE Computing & Information Sciences Category Finalist: Data Feminism (The MIT Press), by Catherine D’Ignazio and Lauren F. Klein

Regarding this year’s selections, Syreeta Swann, AAP Vice President, Programs and Administration, stated in a press release that they “represent exceptional scholarship, and significant contributions to their various fields.” We at PubPub also commend these selections for the manner in which they conduct and communicate their work, openly and, at times, in untraditionally valuable ways.

The authors of Data Feminism,1 sought out an open peer review process on PubPub and, in doing so, broadened the scope of perspectives included in the final work while lending transparency to the publication process. D’Ignazio and Klein’s draft manuscript received 623 reader annotations during the open review period. It is a model we are proud to support and have seen more authors and readers alike engage in, with Data Feminism serving as a paragon for such a model. The final version of the title has had nearly 100,000 views in 131 different countries.

HDSR also pursued an alternative path on PubPub to better support interactive data visualizations2 and to ensure its articles could serve as dynamic learning tools in the classroom. As our partners, the HDSR editorial team and MIT Press played a key role in PubPub’s redesign of article pages on the platform, as well as the ongoing improvement of LaTeX imports and PDF exports. HDSR’s nurturing of discussion pieces help PubPub develop its Connections feature, which is implemented in this very release. Recently, HDSR surpassed 840,000 page views across 234 countries.

Costanza-Chock’s Design Justice,3 as an approach to design that “aims explicitly to challenge, rather than reproduce, structural inequalities,” stands to prove that the medium is part of the message. As a fully OA text that invites the input of readers, it currently has about 60,000 views across 122 countries. In June, Costanza-Chock republished an excerpt from Design Justice in Commonplace on the open and collaborative roots of Twitter in the open source code of TXTmob with a preface by TXTmob founder Tad Hirsch.

The acknowledgement by the PROSE awards of these publications is an encouraging signal of the growing number of high-quality, open access works and their impact. PubPub looks forward to continuing to partner and build its platform to support such efforts and to bring about change in the way we communicate knowledge with greater openness, equity, and creativity.

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