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Reviews Testing & Feedback

Published onSep 01, 2022
Reviews Testing & Feedback


Thank you for helping test our nascent review feature! Right now, it’s extremely simple, designed to provide a space for invited feedback on Pubs. Our plan is to roll it out slowly, iterating over time to provide more functionality based on your feedback.

Following the steps below should take you no more than a few minutes. Before beginning, please autogenerate a new message in your default email client by clicking here. This body of this message will contain four prompts that we would like you to focus on and respond to in your feedback. Alternatively, you can copy the text below into an email addressed to [email protected], using “Reviews - Feedback” as your subject.

The prompts solicit feedback on your experience navigating the new Reviews process and also ask you to imagine how this and future iterations of Reviews might best meet the needs of your community. If any of your feedback falls outside the scope of these questions, feel free to depart from these and give us whatever feedback you think is important.

A separate submission for bug reports is included at the end of this Pub.

Your name:
Your community:
Your email address:
Browser and operating system (with versions):

  1. Record your impressions as you work through the Review process. What parts of the process are easy to navigate and work as expected? Where do you encounter difficulties?

  2. Is there anything you would change about the current Review process? Is there anything you expected to do that you were unable to do?

  3. Do you anticipate using Reviews? Why or why not? If yes, then how will you use them?

  4. What else would you like to see Reviews do in the future? How would these additions or modifications benefit you and your community? Specifically, how do you think this feature should be integrated (or not) with the new submission feature?


Once you’re ready to provide feedback, please navigate to a Pub inside of your community, or else create a new Pub for the purpose of testing reviews, and follow the instructions below. Note also that these instructions are deliberately written to be non-prescriptive. That is, they’ll tell you about new features and prompt you to use them, but won’t provide exact instructions for how to accomplish tasks. Our hope is that the Review process is intuitive enough that any user can follow the instructions, but our expectation is that it won’t be. If you can’t figure out how to do something, blame us! And please provide us with feedback regarding what works and doesn’t as you go.

Testing Instructions

Each Pub now has an associated review link, similar to the existing sharing links, that allows you to solicit review simply by sending the link to a reviewer.

2. Write and submit a review as a logged-in user.

Once you’ve opened the review link, write and submit a review in the space provided.

3. Write and submit a review as a logged-out user

Open the review link in an incognito or anonymous browser session to submit a review as a logged-out user.

Optionally, you could copy your review link and send it to other community members so they can write reviews of the same Pub.

4. Locate your Pub’s reviews, open your review, and make a comment.

Once you’ve submitted a few reviews, visit the review tab of the Pub dashboard, find your reviews, and leave a comment on them.

Note that while reviews can be created by anyone, whether they are members of your community or not, only community members can view submitted reviews. We plan to give logged-out reviewers access to their review threads in subsequent iterations.

5. Optional: Solicit public review

You can optionally solicit public review on a Pub by copying the review link from the draft mode of a Pub and posting it to social media or even adding it to the released version of the Pub.

In future iterations, we will allow communities to enable public review solicitation more formally via a setting.

6. Submit your feedback via email using the instructions above.

Bug Reports

Any bugs you encounter while using Reviews can be reported with your user feedback or submitted separately to [email protected] using the subject “Reviews - Bug Report.” When reporting bugs, please try to provide these three elements:

  1. A plain-language summary of the bug.

  2. Step-by-step instructions to reproduce the bug.

  3. Any screenshots that show the bug in action.

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