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Expanded Community Services Offerings Further Support Open Publishing on PubPub in 2023

Copyediting, archiving & indexing, audiobooks and articles, and OER support round out PubPub's slate of 12 Community Services
Published onDec 15, 2022
Expanded Community Services Offerings Further Support Open Publishing on PubPub in 2023

Knowledge Futures (KF) is expanding its suite of Community Publishing Services in 2023. After the launch of Services in early 2022 and a successful year of partner collaborations during which we exceeded our revenue goals, this new slate of services is a reflection of the kinds of support open publishing groups are seeking in their efforts to share knowledge more equitably and transparently. As part of this work we've, (1) held info sessions; (2) surveyed users; and (3) interviewed community admins to closely align our service offerings with user experiences and the potential of open digital resources and publications. These exciting new offerings build on the success we’ve had thus far and reflect the learnings of the past year.

Expanded Services

Building knowledge sharing communities is an iterative and collaborative process. As such, we’ve learned a great deal from our partners over the past year with respect to the possibilities and reaches of our original menu of offerings, as well as where there was and is potential to do more. The four new services KF is adding have all been tested and refined in collaboration with some of our partners. These services include:

  1. Audio Books and Articles: we work with your content ingested into PubPub to generate audio versions of your text with support for 100+ natural-sounding synthetic narration voices in 70+ languages. Our editors will proof listen to ensure high quality sound delivery and accuracy.
    Example: MIT Case Studies in Social and Ethical Responsibilities of Computing (SERC)

  2. OER Support: we provide technical and design support to convert curricula into dynamic course presentations featuring interactive summaries, multiple-choice questions, videos, and various other H5P content types helpful to achieving teaching and learning objectives.
    Example: Academic Entrepreneurship for Medical and Health Scientists

  3. Copyediting: we now offer the ability to partner with us for this stage of your publication process to edit and format articles for grammar, clarity, and style requirements.
    Example: Journal of Biomolecular Techniques

  4. Archiving & Indexing: we'll work in partnership to enhance discoverability of your publications with customizable XML transformation and, or project support for relevant A&I services. For example: PubMed Central, Web of Science, Scopus, EBSCOhost, ProQuest, HeinOnline, Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB), and others.
    Example: Journal of Biomolecular Techniques

These four services join KF’s existing menu of services offerings, which include content production, an embedded managing editor, community structure and design, back file import, training, the development of interactive elements, and branding.

For a full list of our services and transparent pricing, please see our Community Services Menu.

A Unifying Vision

Community Services bridge diverse publishing groups, facilitate delivery of multimodal information, and elevate open scholarship.

The KF Content team works to make it easier for knowledge creators to publish more equitably and effectively. The team strives to expand community notions of what’s possible by empowering members as stewards of change and creativity. We take pride in being able to work seamlessly with authors and editors across multiple disciplines.

“Our activities are rooted in a strong belief in community-driven publishing that prioritizes effective communication over prestige. Nothing is more gratifying than partnering with a diverse, growing group of disciplines and offering services that meet their needs. Whether we’re partnering with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and UPenn to develop innovative, OER such as Academic Entrepreneurship for Medical and Health Scientists, or producing an interactive article arguing the causes of “Zoom Fatigue” together we march onward to deliver an improved open knowledge exchange.”
— Dawit Tegbaru, Director of Community Publishing Services, Knowledge Futures Group 

Whether we are offering turnkey publishing solutions—with community design, structure, and set up, such as with our work with the MIT Case Studies in Social and Ethical Responsibilities of Computing and the Journal of Biomolecular Techniques—or providing content enrichment services such as interactive video summaries for the Harvard Data Science Review and the American Psychological Association's journal, Technology, Mind, and Behavior, our commitment is to minimize production burdens facing scholars. In this way, we also seek to cultivate scalable, high-quality publications on PubPub, KF’s open publishing platform.

“The PubPub team has been great in helping our article to be more interactive and exciting. Their expertise and open-minded approach have allowed us to present our work in a way that engages much more with our readers. Collaborating with the PubPub team has been a smooth and enriching experience, where we learned and experimented together with great fun!"
— Silvio Carta, Author, "Self-Organizing Floor Plans," Harvard Data Science Review, Issue 3.3

We believe everyone should be able to use our knowledge infrastructure for free, without limitation. All of PubPub’s functions and capabilities are available for anyone to leverage and implement at any time.1 For groups that do not have the bandwidth or budget to support an end-to-end publishing workflow for their open content, KF works to fill in gaps, ease workloads, and provide strategic support and creative ideas.

To connect with us about Community Services, suggest future services offerings, and/or send us your comments and questions, please email [email protected].

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