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The Knowledge Futures Group welcomes a new Software Engineer
Published onJun 23, 2021
Qwelian Tanner


Qwelian joined the Knowledge Futures Group (KFG) in June 2021 as a Software Engineer. He will primarily be responsible for contributing code for the thriving PubPub community, ensuring the platform grows smoothly and in service to its strong user base. Qwelian's goal is to assist the PubPub team and community in making community publishing mainstream. When he's not coding he is thinking about philosophy or waiting for a new One Piece chapter to drop.

Qwelian started his tech journey as a computer science student at Clemson University. After his junior year, he set out to work as a developer for a local startup. He was also able to work with PhD and masters students to contribute to Clemson's TRACE Lab, which focused on Human Centered Computing and Collective Intelligence. Feeling the need for more growth and better balance for mental health, he committed himself to self learning. Taking data science courses via Lambda School and engaging with a math coach solidified core principles in his approach to software engineering and collaboration. He brings a generalist approach to software development with a love for iterative learning.


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