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Streamlined imports, multiple license choices, and more

Your October 2019 PubPub newsletter
Published onOct 18, 2019
Streamlined imports, multiple license choices, and more

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Hello and welcome to our PubPub feature and community updates newsletter. It's been a few weeks, so we have exciting features, community news, and events to announce. Among them, we've made some big improvements to imports, long one of our most-requested features. Read on for more.

— Team PubPub

PubPub Updates

Streamlined, multi-file imports. One of our most requested features has been better support for importing complex documents. We’ve been listening. You can now import documents with tables, captions, images, inline math, and yes, references and footnotes from a variety of file formats — including Markdown, Word and even LaTeX packages! It’s still not perfect, but it’s a big step forward and, if we do say so ourselves, is already one of the better systems out there. We’re just getting started, so if you have ideas for how to make it even better (or see anything odd), drop us a line at [email protected].

Searchable footnotes and citations. Footnotes and citations now automatically appear in the footer of your Pubs, which means you no longer need to manually add a Citation or Footnote list. They’re also searchable, and that’s only the beginning of enhancements we’re planning like multiple citation styles and Crossref depositing.

Choose your license. By popular demand, you can now choose to publish your works under multiple Creative Commons licenses from the Pub footer or Pub settings. At the moment, we’re asking communities to adopt Free Cultural Works licenses and reserving more restrictive and custom licenses for paid users. However, if you need a particular license for your community, please reach out.

Community News

Want your community news featured here? Send a note to [email protected] or post it to our Discourse community!

  • Documentarity, a new publication from the MIT Press, is now live on PubPub thanks to generous funding from TOME

  • Sharenthood, the latest publication of the Strong Ideas Series, is now live.

  • Remarks on Noam, tributes to Noam Chomsky on the occasion of his 90th birthday, are now up on PubPub and welcoming submissions from readers.

Events & Publications

  • We’ve started a PubPub blog! In our couple of first articles, KFG Head of Partnerships Heather Staines discusses how annotation tools, including PubPub, are being used to facilitate collaborative community reviews and make review more transparent. Stay tuned for more ideas, interviews, best practices, and more from the PubPub community.

  • The PubPub team will be at the Charleston Library Conference (November 5 - 8). If you’ll be there, be sure to say hi and consider attending one of our panels.

  • Join us in Cambridge, MA on 12/3 for the #SpreadingFacts conference, co-hosted by the Knowledge Futures Group. An exciting lineup of speakers, including members of the PubPub team, will discuss the responsibilities and challenges researchers, journalists, institutions and others face in communicating and amplifying urgent science. Register today before it fills up!

  • Are you working on innovative technologies related to science communication or policy? Submit your work to the #SpreadingFacts digital poster session for a chance to demo your work at the conferences. Click here for details and submission instructions.

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